Partial Taking for Pond from Experienced Developers’ 70 Acre Turnpike Interchange Land Development

Mr. Tobin represented Paul Freeman and his family of developers (East and West Coast). FDOT sought more property than it needed to locate its new pond on the valuable frontage of this exceptionally well located site. The State initially offered $545,210 and rejected offers to relocate, reconfigure and/or reduce the taking. Mr. Tobin worked to reach a settlement that was achieved weeks before the Jury trial. The Stipulated Final Judgment included a pond size taking reduction (creating a 1.5 acre outparcel on the frontage) and a settlement of all other claims for $2,150,000, together with valuable non-monetary concessions requiring FDOT to build new median openings as well as other access modifications, drainage accommodations, dedicated deceleration lanes and additional valuable benefits.

Initial offer: $545,210 / Final Compensation: $2,150,000 Plus major non-monetary concessions/benefits.

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