Taking Destroys International Aircraft Tire Manufacturing and Distribution Facility

FDOT took a critical portion of an international tire company’s property that included an improved, state-of-the-art aircraft tire manufacturing and distribution facility. The agency initially offered $3,800,000. Mr. Tobin worked closely with the company president to secure a Stipulated Final Judgment that provided for extensive rent-free possession of the existing facility after the taking together with compensation of over $10,000,000, plus relocation benefits and attorneys’ fees and costs. This allowed the client to purchase replacement land, design & build a new plant, and relocate to the new facility before closing the original plant. The client did not experience any business interruption and has the benefit of enjoying a new facility.

Mr. Tobin and his team were also selected as one of the few finalists for the prestigious Daily Business Review’s Most Effective Lawyer – Real Estate Award in this matter.

Initial offer: $3,800,000 / Final Compensation: $10,000,000 Plus

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